When it’s time to pay your rent or mortgage, few things are more disastrous than suddenly losing a large chunk of your income.   We can stop your wage garnishment before your next check.  We are your Denver Bankruptcy Attorney —  we are NOT a bankruptcy “mill.”  We quickly and accurately file Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganization in order to obtain immediate protection for you in a consumer bankruptcy or business-related bankruptcy.  Stop or PREVENT WAGE GARNISHMENTS, STOP OR PREVENT FORECLOSURES IN CHAPTER 13 BANKRUPTCY, ELIMINATE YOUR SECOND MORTGAGE in many cases, keep all of your property in most cases, use bankruptcy to restructure taxes without penalty and interest or eliminate taxes all together.   We can stop or prevent all of these catastrophic events.    We provide careful and personal attention to each case, including business bankruptcies and bankruptcy reorganizations.  William A. Morris is also an experienced trial attorney ready to help you with bankruptcy litigation (trials and lawsuits) and other contested matter.