ZERO dollars. Chapter 13 bankruptcy will cost you nothing out of pocket, unless you are self-employed. Fees are paid to us by the bankruptcy trustee from your Chapter 13 reorganization plan payments. Most other area law firms will require about $1,000 to $1,500 up front to file Chapter 13, but we do not. The filing fee you must pay to the bankruptcy court is $335. Certain repeat filers and business owners will not qualify for this offer depending on the circumstances.

Why file Chapter 13 bankruptcy? Because a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney can fix serious financial problems that cannot be fixed in any other type of bankruptcy.  When you really need a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer, filing under Chapter 7 can be disastrous at worst — or result in lost opportunities at best.  A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not only for people who earn too much money to file Chapter 7.  Knowing when to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is important.  A Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney specialist can make this determination.  Some bankruptcy lawyers claim they “only file chapter 7 cases” usually because they don’t understand Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  We are Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys who know Chapter 13 bankruptcy inside out.  We’ve been doing it for 30 years.

Chapter 13:

  • Not a “debt repayment plan”. Eliminate most of your debt in most cases.

  • Stop foreclosure immediately. Save your home.

  • Eliminate your second mortgage in certain cases.

  • Restructure tax debt with no penalties and continuing interest.

  • Cram down your car in many cases (pay what it is actually worth, not what you owe on it).

  • Eliminate divorce obligations (but you cannot eliminate maintenance or child support).

  • STOP CONTEMPT OF COURT proceedings for maintenance or child support.

  • Pay delinquent child support or maintenance over a five year plan.