Filing for bankruptcy is a process that doesn’t have to be stressful and difficult.  If you’re using an experienced, competent Denver bankruptcy attorney then most of the mechanics of the case are transparent to you — you can sit back and let your bankruptcy attorney do his job and deal with your creditors.  Fear of the process should not deter you from filing for bankruptcy if you find yourself in overwhelming financial trouble. In fact, the longer you wait to face your debt issues, the worse they will become.

Many people who have gone through bankruptcy, as well as many expert Denver bankruptcy attorneys, will tell you that the best way to manage bankruptcy is to have a timeline of the entire process handy. This will help minimize surprises by giving you a general idea of the various steps and chronology involved throughout the entirety of your bankruptcy proceedings.

The first step, and perhaps most helpful step, in getting your bankruptcy case rolling is to schedule an appointment for a consultation with a Denver bankruptcy attorney — you can set an appointment with us 24/7 by sending us an email.  During this meeting, we’ll give you an idea of any potential complications of your case, an approximation of how long the process will take, and a firm quote on the attorney fees.

After the initial meeting with your attorney, you’ll leave with a brief one page set of instructions about what is necessary for us to process your case.  Endless paperwork is not required on your part.  In most instances, you need only provide a tax return, some payroll information, and complete our online questionnaire which will outline your assets, liabilities, debts, and other finances.

About a month after filing your case, there will be a meeting between creditors, a bankruptcy trustee, you, and your lawyer.  This is ordinarily the only appearance you will have to make.  Then, 60 days after that one appearance, the Clerk of the Bankruptcy Court will enter a bankruptcy discharge — the formal order declaring your debts to be forgiven.

Every individual’s case is unique which is why we offer a free consultation.  You can work with your bankruptcy attorney to create a more specific timeline with established dates for completing certain steps. If you invest yourself fully in the process and cooperate with your attorney, you will get through bankruptcy wondering why you stressed about the process — and amazed at how smooth and painless the process was.