If you receive a summons and complaint, act quickly to avoid a wage garnishment. In Colorado, a creditor can continuously garnish 25% of your wages until the judgment is paid. If you ignore a summons and complaint, a judgment will enter against you without further notice to you.

Unless you have a viable defense to the lawsuit or reach a settlement with the creditor, bankruptcy is one way to prevent entry of a judgment. Bankruptcy isn’t always the answer, depending on the facts and circumstances of your financial situation.  If you don’t wish to file bankruptcy or otherwise are not a good candidate for bankruptcy, we can file an answer to the county court complaint and set up a defense to the complaint on your behalf.

Even if you don’t have a good defense to the complaint, filing an answer and setting up potential defenses will usually enable you to reach a smaller settlement with the creditor. Once the creditor has a judgment and is garnishing your wages, the creditor has no incentive to settle. For help with county court lawsuits, read the information at this site: www.coloradocountycourts.com